PISA results analysis supports Teacher led Inquiry

This analysis of the PISA science results seems to give more support for the idea that inquiry based learning is highly problematic unless mediated by teacher leadership.

“Students who receive a blend of inquiry-based and teacher-directed instruction have the best outcomes” https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/social-sector/our-insights/drivers-of-student-performance-asia-insights

“Given the strong support for inquiry-based pedagogy, these results may seem counterintuitive. We offer two hypotheses. First, students cannot progress to inquiry-based methods without a strong foundation of knowledge, gained through teacher-directed instruction. Second, inquiry-based teaching is inherently more challenging to deliver, and teachers who attempt it without sufficient training and support tend to struggle. Better teacher training, high-quality lesson plans, and school-based support can help. It’s also important to note that some kinds of inquiry-based teaching are better than others. For example, explaining how a science concept can be applied to a real-world situation appears to boost outcomes; having students design their own experiments seems to do the opposite.”

However on closer examination the blend seems to be strongly in favour of teacher led. What a surprise.

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