How to get students thinking deeply in science

Day 1       Introducing methodology and lesson simulations

In between

Teachers practice ideas in their own lessons between training days. They of course can use some of the  lessons simulated in day 1. Then bring some of their experiences to the next day. Especially useful would be that several stimuli/phenomena they find themselves are then volunteered for days 2 and 3 and sent to me to help refinement and metacognition on these days. Teachers can present them either alone, in a group or co present with me.

Day 2-3    Exploring appropriate stimuli and how to mediate thinkingIn between

Bridging opportunities identified  across the Schools curriculum that are coherent with curriculum-defined learning goals and these thinking ideas. These can be  prepared and communicated before day 4.

Day 4        Broadening and deepening the approach across your curriculum

3 lesson simulations across the curriculum. Introduction of the lesson study idea. Mediating the bridging ideas Teachers have contributed.

Future planning.