IB Biology Lessons Online

Due to lack of interest in Live Lessons I will now use the time I would be giving them to making them available at https://www.abceducation.ch/blog/ib-biology-lessons-online/ to download and watch when you want

Resources for the lessons

Also  have pen, pencil and paper to do retrieval practice LOL   (LIST ORGANISE LINK), dual coding  and elaborate with Concept mapping and other techniques for deepening knowledge and understanding.

All the slides presentations will be available in this google folder which will be updated as the lessons proceed.

All of the topic booklets IB Biology Topic 1 to 11 are already available in this google folder.

Giving these away FREE during the Corona virus crisis but if you want to buy them at CHF 2 for each Topic. For all SL Topics CHF 12 and all HL Topics CHF 6

at https://www.abceducation.ch/blog/shop/

50% of your money will help Himalayan Children  https://www.himalayanchildren.org/ 

50% of your money will help me increase the number of people I can teach FREE lessons over Zoom at once.