IB Biology support group lessons

Detailed schedule

Two sets of intensive preparation 10 hour lessons are planned for 2019

Evenings 17:00 to 18:00

  1. Monday 7th of October until Friday 11 th of November 2019 and 4 th November until Friday 8 th November
  2. Monday 1 st December until Friday 13 th December

Two sets of intensive preparation 10 hour lessons are planned for 2020

Evenings 17:00 to 18:00

3. Monday 13 th January to Friday 24 th January

4. Monday 20 th April to Friday 1 st May

The lessons will be in small groups from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 9 students . They will cost sFr 800 per student for the 10 lessons.

They are aimed at students who want to really develop a deeper understanding of difficult topics in IB Biology.  A major goal of these lessons is to train students in techniques that help them optimize their study habits. This involves advice as to how to construct good responses to data analysis questions and extended written answers. Students will also have access for the rest of the year to the online course materials. These have video, text and other learning materials including self-marking testing questions.

If you are interested in these lessons use this Contact form to express your preferences.

Extra lessons can be arranged to develop Ideas for individual investigations using databases and other data tools.

If you have questions please mail me at alexblack@mle.abceducation.ch or call/message me at +41(0)798329672