Educational consultancy

Get in touch if your school would like a day or a year of support in developing thinking based inquiry.

Introductory workshop

One day workshop (unlimited number of teachers) 750 CHF

Bespoke programmes for a year with between 3 and 5 days of workshop/model lessons/lesson observation/debrief sessions.

Focus on thinking and learning Make PD effective
Use multiple strands of evidence Robustly evaluate changes

These guiding principles of our consultancy are embodied in the work Michael Shayer and Philip Adey developed at King’s College London from the 1990s onwards.

These ideas are still continually being developed by the Let’s Think training programme. More recently Robert Coe at the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University has added some clarity to the key ideas that any kind of in service training should include. In his 2013 Inaugural Lecture Professor Robert Coe of Durham University, proposed 4 key recommendations.

  • Get teaching really focussed on learning Learning happens when people have to think hard
  • Invest in effective professional development

It should be: Intense: at least 15 contact hours, preferably 50 Sustained: over at least two terms Content focused: on teachers’ knowledge of subject content & how students learn it Active: opportunities to try it out & discuss. Supported: external feedback and networks to improve and sustain. Evidence based: promotes strategies supported by robust evaluation evidence

  • Use multiple sources of validated evidence to support diagnostic and constructive evaluation of teacher quality.
  • Whenever we make a change we must try to evaluate its impact as robustly as we can.

References Improving Education: A triumph of hope over experience, Inaugural Lecture of Professor Robert Coe, Durham University, 18 June 2013 Video